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A few things you might not know about Ross



Ross was a local Church Of England School Governor for a few years but his time commitments meant he had to hand over the batton, but he left at a time when he had put together a legal and accountancy team for the school to transfer to Academy status, and feels he has left the school in 'very good hands'.


During his legal studies Ross was shortlisted to second interview to become a Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) and was told he was an 'excellent candidate', but the number of magistrates required had been reduced. However,he has always said he would keep that option open for the future!


He studied for a short while alongside a leading barrister in 'mini-pupillage', the first stage of training to be accepted for full pupillage and eventual possible entrance to the Bar as a working Barrister, although Ross has always said he never intended when he started his BA Hons course, to "actually practice law, although the thought was tempting". However yet more training with the Law Society and then as a 'trainee solicitor' helped him with his eventual decision to use his new-found knowledge of the law, just in his personal and business life.


Along the way Ross managed gold medal athlete Linford Christie, was PR for many sports personalities including Nigel 'the Dark Destroyer' Benn and negotiated with Donald Trump (well before his days as President of the USA) and his team, to stage boxing events in Atlantic City!

Ross also managed a boy-band from Kent, and worked with them in a major press and TV campaign, that saw them gain several mainstream TV prime time appearances, three Top Ten hits in Japan with Sony Records, (where he joined them on a Japanese tour) and appearances on the Radio 1 Roadshow!

During his time in sport, he met with Don King, Prince Albert of Monaco in Monte Carlo (again to stage a title fight in the principality, and regularly worked for numerous boxing promoters including Barry Hearn and Frank Maloney.

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