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Songwriter & Composer


Recently, four of Ross's songs (co-written with Freya Wolf) have been signed by music publishers in the USA who specialise in placing music into films and TV series' and he has won numerous work pitches on Broadjam over the past few months.

He has been writing songs, since the age of 14 and in the 80's even had the pleasure of co-writing with one of his heroes from his youth, namely Suzi Quatro. Three songs he worked on with Suzi, appeared on her 4 CD box set 'The Girl From Detroit City' and she even mentions Ross in the sleeve notes!


In 2012, Ross took up songwriting again after a long break from music and is currently writing possibly some of the best songs of his career to date, and this has led to a lot of industry interest and some big things in the future.

In the past, Ross has been published by, amongst others, Carlin Music, Heath Levy Music, Chelsea Music, Kassner Music/Cherry Red and MusicOfTheSea.


Ross still finds songwriting therapeutic and relaxing, but also likes the idea of actually making a future living from something he enjoys doing so much, so let's see how it goes! Ross currently runs Remote Highway Music and "does a little driving" to keep the bills paid but says "I am on the lookout for a new challenge that excites me"

In 2020, Ross started writing and co-writing for an album project with vocalist and multi instrumentalist Tim Bragg. Tim (originally from Somerset), now lives in France and the pair have been working remotely throughout the lockdown, putting new material together. along with some very special guests. The album entitled Tall Stories On Short Street disappeared into the streaming ether in 2021 which Ross found disappointing, but believes it WILL have it's time, possibly with a future remixed re-release.


You can find out more about co-writing with Ross, or having him produce your music by emailing him directly CLICK HERE

@RossSongwriter on Twitter and Insta

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