Ross the songwriter


One of my first loves is music, and in particular, songwriting.


I have been writing songs, mainly for enjoyment, since the age of 14 and in the 80's even had the pleasure of doing some co-writing with one of my heroes from my youth, Suzi Quatro. Three songs I worked on with Suzi, appeared on her 4 CD box set 'The Girl From Detroit City' and she even mentions me in the sleeve notes!


In 2012, I took up songwriting again after a long break from music and believe I am currently writing some of the best songs of my life to date, and this has led to a lot of industry interest and the possibility of some big things in the future. Record deals, publishing deals? At my age? Really? Well so it would seem!


I still find songwriting therapeuitic and relaxing, but also like the idea of making a future living from something I enjoy doing so much, so let's see how it goes! Currently, I write around my paying work, as a way of breaking up my day!


You can find out more about my music at

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