Ross Hemsworth


Born in Chatham, Kent in 1957, Ross lived his early life in the Medway towns and took an interest in music at the age of 14. he began playing the guitar and writing songs shortly afterwards.

His career has taken him from Staff Car Driver (Royal Duties) at 20 Squadron RCT at Regents Park Barracks to HGV1 driver on European headline music tours from Paul McCartney and Beyonce, to Riverdance and New Jersey Nights!

In the 1980's Ross moved into Sales and Business development, initially in the automotive trade, and became extremely successful. He even spent a few years in the boxing promotions business!


Ross has an 'entrepreneurial flair' and has always been able to hit the ground running in any type of business for which he has worked or run.

He has strong inter-personal skills and experience in Business Development, Sales, Sales Training and Marketing at middle and senior management level, and has now added a 'late in life' BA Hons degree to his achievments reading Law & Social Sciences..


He has worked in many high-profile positions in TV (on and off screen) and radio. He also once co-owned a football club and has managed numerous sports celebrities!


In 2020 during the infamous 'lockdown', Ross produced an album with singer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Bragg. Ross wrote and co-wrote (with Tim) most of the tracks on the album. (See www.


Ross is a voting member of the US Songwriters Hall of Fame, after co-writing with the likes of Suzi Quatro along the way!

So, do you have a new challenge for this entrepreneurial chap? If so, email Ross HERE