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Ross Hemsworth
Always looking for a challenge!

Ross Hemsworth has worked across numerous industries over the years, with extensive experience in media, music, broadcasting and sports, but also within music touring and general logistics.

Never afraid of a challenge, his management skills and experience are based on positivity, motivation and leading by example. To that end, Ross has achieved much success, a lot of which has been through entrepreneurial projects and leading innovation.

When Ross set-up Net Talk Radio and Glastonbury Radio, at a time when listening to radio shows on your PC was unheard of, he was told by a leading radio 'expert' that "online radio would never work". Once again he proved the doubters wrong when he sold Glastonbury Radio as a "business with syndicated shows, a raft of great presenters, considerable success and amazing potential" back in 2010.

Some years earlier Ross has guided a sports company to some amazing successes including buying a non-league football club and installing the legendary manager Malcolm Alison as first team coach. He also took a raft of celebrity clients under his wing for personal management. His PR clients included Barry Hearn, Terry Venables, Nigel Benn (via WSC) Linford Christie and others.

In 2016 Ross added a BA (Hons) Open degree including Law, Youth Justice and Social Sciences, to his accomplishments and also became a voting member of the U.S. Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

Whenever somebody tells him something cannot be done, it just seems to encourage him to prove them wrong as he done so many times in his life.
Always open to lucrative full time and on occasion, freelance offers!

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