HGV 1 Driver available on contract

NEED A DRIVER? (Not an agency) One day to three month contracts!

It’s been a tough couple of years for most logistics companies, but as we start to hopefully come through it, 2022 offers the chance of change and new thinking with the way you employ your drivers.

Rather than spend fortunes on often unreliable agency drivers (or pay their rates), I would like to offer you a sensible and cost-effective alternative.

I have held an HGV1 licence since the early 1990’s, with experience in UK and European haulage, am based in Cheddar in Somerset, centrally situated between Bristol and Bridgwater and available at affordable rates with no agency involved. I have a clean licence, up to date digi-card and CPC, and am familiar with most types of vehicle. My rates start from just £170 a day and it saves you paying holiday pay, employer NI contributions or additional agency fees! You can commit to one day's trunking or a full week's tramping! Or maybe just something for the weekend sir? ;) 

From music touring and event transport to RDC trunking work, my experience is wide and varied, having worked on tours with artists such as Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams, Barry Manilow and many others together with various theatre tours, general haulage work for companies such as Morrisons, Argos, DHL, S D Frazer, Stagefreight, Transam/EST, and various other transport companies some via agencies. Experience with boxes, curtainsiders, fridges, and long and short distance UK and European work.

I am reliable and often available at fairly short notice, whether it be a one day/night run, tramping or a longer term contract. Invoicing is weekly (7 days) unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing, and our terms and conditions are set out below.

Why not give me a try, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

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Terms and Conditions (Please read before booking)

Driving services are provided to companies on a deal by deal basis and invoicing will be 7 days unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to the start of the contract.
Drivers provided will be suitably qualified with the correct licence for the vehicle being designated, but it remains the hiring company's responsibility to check all licences, CPC qualifications and that all necessary driver cards etc are fully up to date and presented when requested.
It is the full responsibility of the hiring company to make sure the vehicle and the driver are covered by suitable road insurance for any accidents, (We do NOT cover this) The workplace, the vehicle and locations the driver may be sent to, must all meet current specifications for health and safety.
Our drivers  will have safety boots and hi viz workwear but any additional PPE such as hard hats, safety glasses, hi viz trousers etc must be provided by the hiring company.
The standard driving day for any of our drivers is a maximum of 12 hours and anything over this, including a 45 minute break, may incur further charges which will be agreed prior to the start of the contract. Nights out will also be set at a a mutually agreed rate prior to commencement of the hire.
It is the hiring company's responsibility to provide safe parking for all drivers when on nights-out and pay such parking costs as may be incurred. NONE of our drivers will accept parking in laybys or in what they may consider 'unsafe' sites. It is generally accepted that recognised truckstops and safe motorway service areas are generally accepted.
In line with normal practice, if one of our drivers is involved in any accident situation, they will immediately report the details to the Transport Office and take pictures of the accident scene. If the hiring company has any printed accident forms that they wish to be completed, these should be provided at the start of the hire and fully explained to the driver at the time.
As a general rule of thumb, our drivers will not be available for 'multi drop' work of over 5 daily drops except by prior agreement, Our drivers  reserve the  right  to charge an excess payment if expected to manually unload a vehicle without assistance, such as at ALDI or LIDL RDC's., but  this would be by agreement in advance.  Our terms are based on driving only.
Nights out are charged at £30 per night (2021 rates) plus any parking charges, but this is negotiable on longer term contracts or dependent on the hourly rate agreed.
Companies dealing with Rockin' Driver Hire Ltd will be expected to abide by our terms and conditions, which will have been brought to your attention prior to any work commencing.
Rockin' Driver Hire Ltd and their drivers will not be liable for any claims made by any company with regard to loss or shortages of loads or vehicles, and whilst doing their best to make sure that all loads or signed for, secured properly and delivered on time (except for traffic delays, accidents etc), any such loss will be the  sole responsibility of the hiring company. Where required, straps must be provided by the hiring company.
Terms are strictly by seven day invoice unless separately agreed and Rockin' Driver Hire Ltd will take the appropriate legal action to recover unpaid invoices which may result in additional costs such as legal fees and court costs. This may also result in a County Court Judgement (CCJ) being lodged against your company, which may affect your business' credit rating.

Rockin' Driver Hire Ltd 
Regd. Office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London. N1 7GU
Company Number 11136360.