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Ross is Just Sayin' is a new podcast from former TV and radio presenter Ross Hemsworth.

In this new series commencing in April 2023, Ross will be bringing us some more of his now infamous 'rants', mixed with humour and topical debate on subjects we are all experiencing in the modern world.

In episode 1, Ross deals with anger, road-rage and attacks on retails staff, all of which appear to be on the increase since the Covid lockdown of 2020.

Many of his social media followers have already interacted with the show and some of their comments and views are included!

Listen now by clicking HERE or find it on your favourite podcast site, including Spotify and Amazon Music.

Email your views and opinions to

Author Dr Liz Williams and historian Trevor Jones, both practicing witches, unravel the myths and legends associated with the history of witchcraft, in this brand new podcast series.

Each week this informative series, will focus on a well-known story about witches and witchcraft and ask the question, "how much is actual fact and how is just myth and legend?" Episode One looks at the Pendle Witch mystery.

Dr Liz Williams gained her PHD in artificial intellience (AI) but is probably best known as a popular sci-fi author and occasional contributor to The Guardian and numerous radio talk shows. She is, for the fourth year running, on the long-list for the British Science Fiction Awards.

Trevor Jones is a historian & runs The Witchcraft Shop with Liz, which for many years was a popular shop in Glastonbury, but is now an online platform for materials used by the witchcraft community.

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