Rochine - Queen of the Vampires

A concept album in the style of 'War of the Worlds', Rochine is the tale of a vampire army led by Rochine - the Queen of the Vampires. The album contains 12 great pop/rock tracks written and produced by Ross Hemsworth & Paul Blackhurst, the founders of Blackworth Music. It features a number of special guest vocalists, and narration by 'vampire-hunter' CHAOS, played by Trevor Jones.


The album is available as a CD with four-page colour booklet telling the full story of how Rochine became a vampire, priced at £9.99, or as a digital download at £7.99 via all good download sites from November 16th 2017..

Smoke & Flames

The Fifth, are the first band signed to the Blackworth Music label, and this is the follow-up to their debut single School Day Runaway, which picked up considerable airplay on smaller US-based radio stations in the summer of 2017.

Smoke & Flames is country/rock style song with a very catchy hook, and introduces our latest signing also called 'Smoke & Flames' on backing vocals, a female duo from Somerset UK.



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Available Nov 20th

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